Labor Pains


Rita Batchley RN, tells a timely tale filled with poignant birth stories. Labor Pains, invites its audience to join Paige O'Neill RN, a labor and delivery nurse, who brings babies into the world for a living but can't seem to have another of her own. As a natural born healer, Paige intuitively knows how to relieve the pain of her patients; but, when it comes to her own suffering she relies more and more on alcohol. 

From the sacred realms of the delivery rooms to the dark alleys of binge drinking, your visit into Mercy General will open your eyes to what really goes on behind the scenes of a small community hospital that merges with a health care Goliath. Management becomes more focused on making a profit than taking care of patients and conditions for Paige become too much to bear. 

As Paige's life unravels, a united purpose grips her coworkers and a political movement is born. Healthcare is changing. The battle lines between big box brands and patient care have been drawn and the nurses can no longer remain neutral. Paige just wants to do her job and go home, but when it comes to saving face getting involved becomes a necessity.  

Giving birth is hard, but giving birth to change can be even harder. A whole new meaning to Labor Pains unfolds as the nurses push to deliver the power it takes to change each other and the health care system that is dying to get better. 

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